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July 17, 2020
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July 17, 2020

Surgical Gown


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Established in 2005, Borni Medical is a known and professional medical device and disposable gown manufacturer. Since we started our operation, we have focused on strong relationships with several hospitals and medical device factories. Our focus on gown and face masks has garnered industry recognition for our specialty, commitment, and excellent service. We provide our customers with our innovative medical solutions and disposable products such as face masks, protecting suit, infrared thermometer, medical gloves, and other healthcare devices.
A hospital surgical gown is a medical textile (class 2) used to minimize bacteria’s movement from the surgical staff’s skin to the air or to other people in the operating room. A surgical gown is also used to save the paramedical staff from contact with fluids of the body.
A China medical gown manufacturer uses fiber or fiber-related stuff such as polyester and polypropylene through a non-woven method. The fibers for the hospital patient grown are relatively cheap to produce but produce a high-quality gown.

High Quality Gown Manufacturer in China

Typically, a disposable sterile surgical gown uses the SMS non-woven process (Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond). In a few cases, the SMS technique can include in excess of one melt-blown layer between the outer spunbond layers. As a disposable gown manufacturer, we can provide you comfortable and easy to use a surgical gown. Borni Medical is in the gown manufacturing market for its manufactured products marketing, domestic marketing, and international trading.
The medical dressings such as gown that we supply can meet your needs. These protective gears are manufactured using medical grades of raw material and ultra-modern production facilities that conform to international standards.
As a reputed gown manufacturer, our medical items meet the global international needs like ISO, CE Certification, consistency, and quality for providing top-class medical supplies and services to meet our clients’ requirements. We can’t promise that we can’t deliver.
We have a dynamic environment that gives clients productivity, assistance, high-quality, and industrial expertise. The combination of skills, specialized professionals, efforts, and experience has enabled us to become an advanced professional Gown manufacturer. We are progressing through a top-notch and high-quality marketing team.