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Fuzhou Borni Pharmaceutical Sci. & Tech. Co., Limited, is a leading medical device manufacturer in China. China’s largest healthcare medical device and solution companies are renowned for producing and selling advanced medical tools such as face masks, protecting suit, infrared thermometer, medical gloves, and other healthcare devices.

Borni Medical also provides medical diagnostics and pharmaceutical solutions and in the Chinese and global markets. Borni Medical was established in 2005 as a sino-hk joint venture medical device distributor with a total investment of RMB 100million. We specialize in the management of medical devices and API.

The overall healthcare system in many Asian countries is poorer than in countries in North America and Europe. However, China is popular for manufacturing each medical device with the best minds in international medicine and science in general as a reliable Medical device supplier Borni Medical has a goal to provide top class medical devices easily accessible for existing and new medical hospitals or centers.

As a global medical device manufacturer, our products are offered all over the world through reputation, which is rated as the best statures in the medical supplies market.

High Quality Medical Device Distriutor and Supplier

The Quality Policy of Borni Medical is simple. We have a world of expectation along with results. Don’t tell the difficulties to the world; just show them the products to assure that we are the best solution as a medical device distributor. Thus, at Borni Medical, we do not boast about our products’ quality but produce and sell the tested and practical quality medical device.

We always bear in mind that every inch of our performance’s building is worth a thousand bricks of promises. As a Medical device manufacturer and medical device distributor, we always want to achieve the medical standards that are expected from the best organizations across the globe.

We are a medical device supplier, working in the best possible transparent manner. Our valued clients frequently visit our facilities to see the entire production process from the raw material procurement to the finished items. We always promise the result of what we can deliver it. As an outcome, we have a vast number of satisfied customers in different countries across the globe. There is rarely a country where our medical device hasn’t found its way.

Therefore, retaining customers’ relationships through our products continues to be a continuous exercise for us. So, if you need quality yet reliable medical device supplier, Borni Medial is the right choice.